We are online with our blog devoted to our regulars and to all those who will get in touch with us. The creation of a blog totally dedicated to our company is the beginning of a new adventure in which to provide all our knowledge but above all to reach people who can find us interesting to discover. At our atelier you will find the beauty of elegance. Our wonderful collections will support each bride to give a touch of refinement and originality. The wonderful Atelier of Sarah and Corinna, wedding stylists in Milan, is loved by the public thanks to an appreciated television program. It proposes itself to its customers as a multi-brand able of offering a rich and variegated aesthetic expression. More than our customers, our brides are women, with different features and characteristics. This is why we are constantly committed to seeking the dreamed dress, perfectly in line with each one's expectations.

We want to tell you the best of our company, about our services and answer to the comments and requests of web users. For more information contact us, we will try to satisfy your requests in a short time. On our website www.lofficinadellefate.it, you will find useful information about our activity, images of our location and useful addresses to reach us via email, phone or in-house. Enjoy your reading.